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If you love the smell of great candles, you've come to the right place. We are the premier candle retailer, offering a wide variety of scents and labels. Our diverse assortment of fragrances comes from the finest oils and is sure to please!

Have a look at our assortment to start exploring. Along with our quality candles, we also offer top-notch repurposed items for you to take advantage of.

Four New Fragrances


Our mojito fragrance has strong top notes of juicy lime and sugar; balanced with mint leaves and rum.



Gin Martini

This unique fragrance begins with aldehydic bubbly top notes of club soda with warm citrus enhancements; followed by middle notes of fresh rosemary, balsam fir needles, and crushed ginger; all embraced by a bottom note of crisp cedar.




 The aroma of fresh, true almond with notes of ripe, juicy cherries. 




The aromas and flavours of Shiraz vary with wine style and region, but are usually blackberry, plums, and pepper in varying degrees dependent on growing conditions. 



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